Wrinkled skin? Tired look? Fat pads that won’t go away?

Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi focuses on the latest technologies and non-operative procedures. In an interview in the Annabelle issue 14/19, October 2019.

Why have you specialised so consistently in various non-operative beauty and anti-aging procedures for the face, neck, décolleté and body?

In addition to the classic wrinkle therapy with injections, the highly focused ultrasound of Ultherapy® has become established as a real alternative to face-lifting with a scalpel. It precisely reaches the deeper skin layers without damaging the skin surface. The heat stimulates the new formation of collagen and elastin and tightens the skin in a natural way. The results with my customers are very convincing, long-lasting and lead to great satisfaction.

One of the alternatives to liposuction is non-invasive treatment with Coolsculpting® – how does this modern procedure work?

With Coolsculpting® we use a very gentle procedure, with which fat pads are sucked in and the corresponding fat cells are cooled down locally, whereby they die and are broken down by the body. For a visible and lasting result, only one treatment is necessary, thanks to the use of the precise and safe working original device for fat freezing. It is not painful, there is no downtime.

In your clinic you also offer classic minimally invasive beauty medicine, such as wrinkles, acne and scar treatment. Can the results of wrinkle injections really compete with a surgical facelift?

Absolutely. Because gentle methods, coupled with the right experience, bring the desired natural results. The environment therefore does not notice any undesirable, sudden or extreme differences, but only registers the fresh and younger appearance.

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