When in autumn not only the leaves fall, but also the hair.

Basel Express in conversation with Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi, the medical director of Swissestetix in Basel.

Born in Vienna, she has been working in aesthetic medicine since 2005 and has many years of experience in anti-aging medicine and skin treatment with laser.

Suddenly a whole tuft of hair sticks in your hands – hair loss in autumn as well as in winter can be more severe than usual throughout the year. Hair is part of what is directly noticeable when you look at the person opposite. Chic short hairstyle or flowing mane – everything is great as long as the hair is well cared for. But what if bald spots decorate the head?

Every day we lose 100 to 150 hairs, a little more due to the natural growth cycle. But if there is a significant increase in hair loss or the hair loss simply won’t stop, there is a need for action. Here, the innovative hair loss treatment with the PRP process is suitable for stimulating hair growth.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is blood plasma prepared by centrifugation from autologous blood. The resulting serum is “rich” in growth factors thanks to the multiple proportion of platelets.

The repair mechanisms contained in it act as commanders for the formation of new cells, which massively stimulates hair growth. Depending on the extent to which hair loss has already progressed, two to three treatments are recommended for a successful autologous blood therapy against hair loss.

The ideal treatment interval is around four weeks, so that the optimum result is achieved after two to three months. The effect with PRP can last one to two years.

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