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Aesthetic wrinkle and lip treatments in Basel

Wrinkles and drooping facial areas change the facial expression. If you want to get rid of your wrinkles as quickly as possible and have a natural, fresh skin. Dr. Modaressi smoothes your wrinkles quickly and discreetly.

Hyaluron fillers give the skin the desired moisture boost. They shape the face as desired. Lost structures such as bones, fatty tissue cushions or volume are replaced in depth. In this way, wrinkles can be reduced or lips can become voluminous again.

You want to make the wrinkles disappear and give the lips more volume, but are afraid of an artificial result? Contact Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi for a consultation.

Profilbild Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi
Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi (Basel & Vienna)

Face and lip treatments at swissestetix

  • Wrinkle treatments with botulinum

  • Wrinkle injections with hyaluron

  • Combinations in the face

Consultation and appointments with Dr. med. Mitra Modaressi in Basel

We would be pleased to inform you in a personal consultation about the details of this treatment and its risks and side effects.

You can book your individual consultation and your appointment online with us.

Your appointment is binding. Thank you for informing us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep the appointment. The treatment costs are to be paid on site. All prices of the treatments include a treatment control.